Entity Framework in ASP NET MVC

Entity Framework is an open-source ORM framework for .NET applications supported by Microsoft. It enables developers to work with data using objects of domain specific classes without focusing on the underlying database tables and columns where this data is stored. That means the Entity Framework eliminates the need for writing the data-access what is entity framework code that developers usually need to write. ORM automatically creates classes based on the database table and vice versa is also true. We can say it can also automatically generate necessary SQL to create database tables based on classes. The following diagram illustrates where the Entity Framework fits into our application.

what is entity framework in mvc

But, we need to modify the data model to make the table member names exactly the same as they are in database, such as StorId into Stor_Id, and add a  [Key] for primary key in database. Run the application and notice that Departments and Employees data are displayed as expected as shown in the below image. We have achieved all this without writing a single line of ADO.NET code.

Step 3: Add Controller with View using Entity Framework

In this article, I am going to discuss how to use Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC Application to interact with SQL Server Database to perform the CRUD operation. In the ASP.NET MVC application, the controller responds to the incoming HTTP request, then gets the data from a model and hands it over to the view. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss how to retrieve the data from the SQL Server Database using the Entity Framework Database First Approach in ASP.NET MVC Application. In our upcoming article, we will discuss using business objects as our model. Entity Framework was first released in 2008, Microsoft’s primary means of interacting between .NET applications and relational databases. Entity Framework is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) which is a type of tool that simplifies mapping between objects in your software to the tables and columns of a relational database.

what is entity framework in mvc

Here, you can observe we have created the connection object, created the data adapter object, and created Dataset, Data Tables, and DataView objects. And here we are also writing the SQL Commands to fetch the data from the database tables and fill the dataset. We can avoid all these ADO.NET Related things if we use Entity Framework.

Entity Framework In MVC — Part One

If this is not clear at this moment how it works, don’t worry we will discuss everything in detail in our upcoming articles. Once you click on the Next button, It will open choose your data connection wizard as shown below. From this window click on the New Connection button as shown in the below image. Once you click on the Add button, it will open the Choose Data Model wizard as shown below. From this window select “EF Designer from database” and click on the Next button as shown in the below image.

what is entity framework in mvc


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