How to Host a Virtual Lunch & Learn Meeting in 2023 was started by Sara Sutton, founder of Flexjobs, a job board for remote work opportunities. You can click on any category and read in-depth about the topics you care for. This has made people realize that their work can be performed from anywhere in the world as the veil of the necessity of work from office has been lifted.

  • These virtual lunch ideas don’t take long and aren’t too distracting so that you can get back to work after your lunch break.
  • Other than the ability to order pizza whenever you want without risking judgment from your coworkers, we’d have to say it’s being able to spend tons of time with your pets.
  • You can either choose to send out a box of goodies to everyone ahead of time or hire a company that specializes in this type of tasting experience.
  • If you’re the speaker, think about your zone of genius (a.k.a. where your skills, talents, and strengths converge).
  • First impressions last, so make sure to put your best foot forward from day one.
  • Pay close attention when getting trained to use a new piece of software or a tool you’re unfamiliar with.

While you focus on doing your job diligently and to the maximum of your capabilities, it’s good to not lose track of the humane side of it all. And it’s an especially important aspect of remote work which is known to threaten the regular social structures within organizations. Ideally, you should receive regular feedback from your manager and teammates. Even if this is not a regular practice at your new remote job, you can politely ask for feedback starting from your first task. This will help you establish some expectations and enhance your performance over time.

Build a Remote Team

It is also helpful to provide team members with clear instructions on how to use the technology and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the virtual lunch runs without any hiccups. Finding easy work from home lunch ideas doesn’t have to be a challenge. With remote work becoming the new normal for many, also comes the challenge of figuring out what to eat on your lunch break. One of the great things about remote teams is that they can be comprised of an incredibly diverse group of people.

  • Allow employees to conduct research and present their findings and support their efforts by providing lunch for the team.
  • This can lead to increased productivity and better overall job performance.
  • Skip the protein bar or meal replacement shake and enjoy an actual meal.
  • If your team needs some more direction, try an icebreaker activity.
  • WeWorkRemotely calls itself the largest remote work community in the world.
  • Today, there are mixed reviews from both sides about remote work, its pros and cons, and whether it’s worth keeping around.

When employees feel connected to their colleagues, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work. One of the main benefits of virtual lunches is their ability to foster teamwork and collaboration. However, to achieve this goal, it is important to encourage participation and engagement among team members. To do this, try to assign tasks or activities to each member of the team to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate. Also, encourage open communication and create opportunities for team members to share their thoughts and ideas. You can even do this through online polls or breakout rooms where team members can discuss activities that they want to take part in.

Day in the Life of a Remote Worker: Scott Mathson

Employees can list while on a walk or just pottering around in their homes. After the call, you can gather to chat about the topic and discuss your thoughts. Afterward, you can process the talk together, discuss what you’ve learned, and share your thoughts or feelings. Understand its advantages, the balance with synchronous methods, and impact on team dynamics. Dive into the complexities of remote work in the app development realm.

If your team needs some more direction, try an icebreaker activity. A little small talk goes a long way to growing relationships and building trust among team members. Visual collaboration software like Lucidchart and Lucidspark make it easier to work together so teams can communicate efficiently and creatively. Hoppier is one of the simplest solutions if you have a lot of remote employees, in different locations, and that you want to please everyone. If you’re looking to do cross-training among departments, it might be best to enlist the various department heads in your organization to create a presentation.


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